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The Highlights of SkyECC

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A triple layer encryption provides you the most secure communication. Different encryption standards are used to encrypt every part of the message: 521bit ECC, 256bit AES and 2048bit SSL.


All data is contained inside the app. Accessing requires authentication and an established secure server connection. This gives the user the ultimate protection. No brute force, no black box procedure possible.

Create private keys

You create your own private key! Not the provider, but with your own finger tips you create your private key. The private key is not stored at any server, but safely secured inside your Sky app.

Duress (panic) password

Forced to open your Sky app? Don’t worry, we allow you to set a so-called ‘duress password’. Entering this password will automatically wipe all content. This way we ensure that your privacy is being respected.

Encrypted attachments

Don’t feel like typing? We allow you to send fully encrypted notes, images and voice memos to your contacts. All encrypted with a 521 bit ECC encryption.

Group chat

Important business meeting? Invite up to 10 SkyECC contacts for one on one instant encrypted group messaging.

Why SkyECC?

These days it’s getting more and more hazardous to share personal information. Third parties, like organised crime, competitors and governments take far-reaching measures to access private data. SkyECC believes in the right to privacy. Read more here >

SkyECC’s supported Models – Ready to Ship

Free Shipping in EU. Delivery in 48 hours

1. Purchase

After purchasing a product from our website we will start working straight away.

2. Programming

Installation of the SkyECC App on the BlackBerry device that you have chosen.

3. Shipping

Free express worldwide shipping with trustworthy carriers and within 24 hours.

4. Receive Order

Follow your package with the tracking number and receive your device within 48 hours.

Flexible payment options

We want to make it as convenient as possible for you. That’s why we keep adding more payment methods to our website. Is your favourite payment method not listed? Contact us!

Are you ready for Skyecc?

SkyECC offers you the best solution for secured and anonymous worldwide App to App communication on mobile devices. We offer a variety of licenses and devices, easy to order with lightning delivery times. Experience the advantages of SkyECC now!

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