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Interested to become part of our team? Great! We’re always looking for new partners all around the world. Please read the information down on this page carefully. We’ll give you a little bit more info on how to become a reseller, what you can expect from us and when we think you’re eligible to become a reseller.

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SkyECC Resellers

We work with registered resellers all around the world. To become an official reseller you need to tell us why you’re an asset to the team. What’s your experience and what do you know about our product? Our resellers are the face of the company, it’s you who’s helping our users and sells our software. Therefore we’re selective who qualifies to be a reseller and who doesn’t.

 That being said, a little bit more on what you can expect from us! Our goal is to facilitate you in each and every way possible to be able to do what you do best: sales. Think off training on product knowledge, how to create more prospects and make it as easy as possible for you to work with our software.

To be able to help your customers on the spot, we give you access to the portal where you can do activations, resets and wipes. This means no delays in activating a license for a customer that is waiting for his device. Direct access to all your sales and more.

Selection of new resellers

Once you’re on our team, you’re on of us. This means we look out for your interest. We always look carefully at the degree of saturation in a specific area to make sure our users can easily find our resellers, but to prevent an abundance of resellers creating undesirable competition between resellers.

To do so, all our resellers are obliged to sell Sky at retail prices. Deviation from our retail prices has consequences for the reseller.

Let's get started

In summary we value excellent support to our users. This requires all of our resellers to have great product knowledge and an infinite motivation to help your clients. We help our resellers to increase sales, give them prospects, extensive product information, access to the portal to do your own activations and more.

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