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Today’s progressively transparant and high-tech society requires refined and thoughtful ways of communication. Especially in current businesses where espionage, malware and hackers form a constant threat, the need for encrypted communication is essential. Whether it’s phishing, phone tapping or cyber-attacks, you want to avoid third parties to obtain your information.

Confidentiality is a necessity that is no longer self-evident. Whether you’re working on a patent for innovative technology, a delicate merger, or simply client sensitive information, you want your communication to be secured.


SkyECC offers a fully encrypted high-end instant messaging service which allows you to share confidential business intelligence among co-workers and trusted, verified clients. Using multi-layer encryption, you no longer need to worry about data leakage or third parties stealing your confidential data. Our software offers you and your business clients unique security features:

Real-time encrypted messaging;
Group chats and broadcasting;
Encrypted storage of notes, voice memo’s and imagery;
Remote wipe control over lost or stolen devices;
No backdoor or malware security risks;
Unlimited use in 160 countries*.

*Coverage depends on the quality of the telecom network of the country, our list of supported countries can alter.

Businesses that suit SkyECC’s services

Legal Professions

Financial sector

Contract cases

Medical sector


Government institutions like the European Union have introduced legislation that obligate businesses to protect their data and report any potential data leaks. In order to comply, businesses are in need of security software to prevent third parties from accessing sensitive business data.

Our product enables you to protect your business from any data leaks or misuse of your business data by one of your employees. We offer closed loop systems that enable your employees to share confidential business information with colleagues, without risking devices being compromised.


Companies, in every single sector, shouldn’t underestimate the danger of data leaks. Start protecting your business communication now. Enjoy the benefits of SkyECC. Fill in the form below and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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