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Why SkyECC?

These days it’s getting more and more hazardous to share personal information. SkyECC believes in the right to privacy. The United Nations Declaration of Human Rights emphasises that privacy is a fundamental human right. We believe that no third party should undesirably be able to access your private communication. No one should be able to gain access to your secured files. Privacy has become one of the most important human rights issues of the modern age and we made it our mission to protect your privacy.

Key Features: how do we protect your privacy?

In an era where we share more and more data online, it gets harder and harder to protect these files from falling in the wrong hands. SkyECC developed an end-to-end encrypted security app which enables you to communicate securely and anonymously with recipients that you choose to share information with. But how does this work? Here we will briefly highlight the main security features of our service and why we chose these security features over others.


In the late ‘90s Phil Zimmerman wrote PGP (Pretty Good Privacy). At the time a great platform running on BlackBerry Operating System (OS) 7 enabling users to send encrypted messages to one another. PGP uses a 4.096 bit RSA encryption key, a fairly secure encryption. However, this wasn’t going to cut it for us. We needed something better.

We use 521 bit Elliptic Curve Cryptography, equivalent to a 15.360 bit RSA encryption. So yes, the level of encryption is much higher than PGP. Furthermore not only do we encrypt the messages ultra secure, we also encrypt the sender and recipient names and the subject of the message. But what if someone intercepts my message? That’s the reason why we use a secured tunnel where the message travels through. This enables us to speak of end-to-end encryption: your secured communication is never out of sight.

No data storage

How would you feel when you heard that the product that you consider safe, stores all its data on servers accessible to law enforcement? Exactly, unsafe. That’s why we store all data within your secured app environment. The server simply facilitates the delivery of your message.

Oh yeah, we do store one thing at our servers: your contacts! Who doesn’t hate losing all of your contacts when you accidentally drop your phone in the toilet?

But wait, how about those devices that were deciphered because their flash memory was used? This is unfortunate and undesirable. Sky doesn’t use the flash memory of the device, all data is securely saved within the app. This means access is also possible, by entering the app. And to do so, you will need to know the password of the app container.

Brute force proof

Sky is brute force proof. This means that a third party cannot use brute force attacks to gain access to the secured app container. To do so, the attacker would need to be able to endlessly guess the password. Since access to the Sky app is only established with a connection to the BES server, the data will automatically be blocked or wiped when a brute force attack is being executed.

Duress password

The duress password is a password that the user chooses and can be used when put under duress. With other words, when someone forces you to enter your password and you enter your duress password, all content will be wiped. The result is that the intruder will see a normal phone.

Auto destruct feature

How great would it be to never leave a trace? That’s exactly what we thought while implementing this feature! We enable you to set an auto destruct time of your message. Meaning that after the set time, the message will automatically be deleted from your secured app container and from the recipients app container!

Create your own private key

The private key is incredibly important, after all this is the key to all your secured data. How weird would it be if we would hand over this key to you? Who says there isn’t a copy somewhere? That’s why we let you set your own private key! Stored within your secured app container, not on a server, not in a notebook, only you have access to your private key.

Why SkyECC is unique?