SkyECC’s advantages over other products

Trust the best. We don’t bash around

At Sky we believe in our own product, we don’t bash other products or spread false information. However we do understand that our users want to understand the differences between Sky and other products. Therefore we will briefly elaborate on the main differences with other systems. Note that we will stick to operating systems, encryption methods and such. We don’t feel like trash talking other brands, make up your own mind and remember: it’s all about your security!

Operating System

We frequently get asked about the operating system (OS) used and if Sky is compatible with other operating systems like Android or iOS (Apple). But also Samsung’s security feature Knox will be discussed here.

Let us first state that SkyECC doesn’t have any preference whatsoever when it comes to the OS we use for our software. We use the OS that enables us to set our own security features, where we can make sure there are no backdoors, no possible spyware and offer the utmost security to our users. This resulted in using Blackberry’s OS.

Lately, we’ve released our brand new Sky 2.0 on Android and IOS. Yes, Android and IOS, but both meet our specific requirements in order to be sure our software is more secure than ever before! The Google Pixel devices even are  the first devices that offers it’s users a hardware-tamper-proof device! The new BlackBerry models are the newest line of state-of-the-art BlackBerry hardware. And also iPhone and IOS meet our requirements on the highest level of security 100%.

It’s like building your own house

Think of it as if you’re building your own house. You want a front door, a back door and maybe a shed in the garden. There are several ways to build your house: contractor A offers a prefabricated house with basic doors and locks. Contractor B offers you to come up with your own design, your own doors and locks. Want to add extra locks and a secured vault in the basement? Go ahead!

We obviously prefer contractor B where we can decide all security features ourself. By building every part ourselves, we can offer you a completely custom built product using the highest quality equipment available. Blackberry’s OS offers us these features with Blackberry’s Enterprise Server (BES).This is considered the safest mobile platform and enables us to set our own security settings and modify them. As you will notice using Sky, all (security) features have been altered. All communication with the outside world have been cut off, except communication through the secured app. This means apps like Facebook and Twitter have been disabled.

No matter what operating system we use, we do not compromise on security. All activity happens within the secured app container and no data leaves the app container unless it’s completely encrypted!

Samsung Knox phones

So Samsung thought of a way to add extra security: Knox. Basically Knox offers the user to create two separate environments on the mobile device, look at it as upstairs and downstairs. To go upstairs, you will need the key. Downstairs is free accessible.

One of the critics to Knox is that the PIN is stored in plain text on the device. So if you lose your password, you can reset it with the PIN that’s free accessible on the device itself. Once the PIN is entered, the device will show the first and last part of the password. Good encryption randomly generates characters to increase the security and make it impossible to predict. Knox apparently gives you half of the password, making it vulnerable to brute force attacks. Attackers can use the part of the password that’s given, to predict the rest.

Even though Knox might add extra security to an Android phone, it’s a security feature within the existing OS and the user can still use all the features of the original operating system, like Facebook, Twitter but also make phone calls. This doesn’t exclude possible malware like key logs on the device.

 The above doesn’t mean Sky will never work with other operating systems. However, as long as they aren’t fully adjustable to our preferences where we can completely limit all communications to our security standards, Sky will not be released on the platform.

Never run out of your SkyECC license

With official resellers all over EU, you’ll never run out of Sky! At SkyECC we value our customers. Meaning that we will do everything in our power to help you at all times. With 24/7 support and resellers all over EU, we’re able to give you all that you need. Need a device for a friend abroad? Contact us to place your order and have the device delivered for free using express delivery. Or ask us to redirect you to our reseller near you!

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