SkyECC compared to PGP



Triple layer Encryption
Encrypted Message Subject, 256 AES Encryption.
Encrypted Sender and Recipient info
Encrypted Data exchange between the device and server. 2048 SSL encryption
Message Encryption, 521bit ECC (Equivalent to 15,360bit RSA)
256 AES for message encryption and 4096bit RSA for key encryption.
Does not Encrypt Subject, Sender and Recipient user name or email information
Does not encrypt Data exchange between the device and the server

Brute force protection

SkyECC is Brute force proof
Redundant security fail safes, both hardware and software
PGP is vulnerable to software and hardware brute force

Message Self Destruction

You can set a time your conversations will self-destruct from yours and recipient device
Message self-destruction not supported

Private Keys

Private keys are created by the user, on the device
CKM (Client Key Mode), the most secure method of creating keys is used to establish both personal and private security keys
Private Keys are created by you, on your device and nobody has access to it
PGP keys are initially created by the service provider and uploaded to client device
Keys are established using SKM (Server key mode)
Service provider has access to your security keys

Duress Password

(Panic or Distress password)

Duress password feature to wipe all messages, saved notes, pictures and chat conversations
Duress password support unavailable

Contact List

Address Book is encrypted, Password protected and contained within the SkyECC App
Address book not encrypted and saved in plain text

Secure Camera

Send/Receive Encrypted picture attachments
Encrypted using 521bit ECC
Does not support encrypted picture send/receive

EncryptedVoice Notes

Allows you to record short Encrypted voice notes and send them to other SkyECC users
Voice notes encrypted using 521bit ECC
Does not support encrypted Voice notes or Calling features

Secured Vault

Allows you encrypt and store notes, Pictures and conversations
Send/Share encrypted files from the secured with other SkyECC users
Does not support memopad/Notes encryption
Does not support encrypted multimedia storage options
Memopads are saved in plain text

Encryption Key Size Comparison

(SkyECC uses 521bit ECC encryption, Equivalent to 15,360bit RSA. PGP is only 4096bit RSA)

Symmetric Key Size
RSA and Diffie-Hellman Key Size
Elliptic Curve Key Size
80 1024 160
112 2048 224
192 7680 384
256 15360 521