What makes us special?

SkyECC’s Unique Selling Points

Elliptic Curve what? Brute Force Who?

We admit, it can be difficult these days to understand developments in IT and to understand why one product is considered safe and the other is doubtful. We believe in transparency. We have no secrets when it comes to the encryption we use and how we secure all communication that leaves the secured app environment. How can we ask you to trust our system, if we’re not telling you about its features? Here we will briefly explain what makes us special…

SkyECC in action

We have built an app that contains two systems: PGP and ECC. The user can communicate with PGP users, using a 4.096 bit encryption, or, the user can communicate with other Sky users, using a 15.360 bit encryption. Whatever leaves this app, it’s secure!

Once the message is all secured, the doors of the vault open and the message enters the secured APN tunnel.

So far so good, but this isn’t enough yet

So far so good, but this isn’t enough. To exclude vulnerabilities, we’ve made sure that our servers do not store your messages. Only your contacts are safely stored on our servers, so if you have the unfortunate situation where you lose, break or accidentally drop your phone in the toilet… Your contacts will still be accessible!

Never run out of your SkyECC license

With official resellers all over the world, you’ll never run out of Sky! At SkyECC we value our customers. Meaning that we will do everything in our power to help you at all times. With 24/7 support and resellers all over the globe, we’re able to give you all that you need. Need a device for a friend abroad? Contact us to place your order and have the device delivered for free using express delivery. Or ask us to redirect you to our reseller near you!

Advantages over other products?