Technical information

Best-in-Class security

SKY ECC is the world’s leading secure messaging platform with tens of thousands of users world-wide used by the most regulated and sensitive industries. SKY ECC includes secure messaging, secure voice recording, password-protected vault, and is installed on tamper-resistant hardware with multiple layers of encryption to ensure that your messages can’t be decrypted by anyone.

Core App Features

Secure one-on-one and group chats
Broadcast messaging to contacts
Secure image, note, and contact sharing
Record and send secure audio recordings
Password-protected Vault for images, notes, and saved chats
User-defined message expiry
Revocable messages, images, recordings, and shared notes
Flash messaging (messages disappear 30 seconds after reading)
Duress password deletes all app data—chats, saved files, and contacts

Penetration testing conducted by BlackBerry Cybersecurity in October 2018 found no threats or flaws in the application or device. Read more >

SKY ECC is built on a zero-trust security model. We don’t rely on other’s assurances of security, so we protect SKY ECC from threats inside and outside of the device.

Security Layers

Multi-layer app protections leveraging hardware, OS, app security, and password layers
Deploying on devices with tamper-resistant hardware and operating systems
Managing and locking down devices with Bluetooth, cameras, and other features disabled
Impenetrable brute force protection
No data stored on messaging servers
Private keys remain on the device and never stored or sent to our servers
Secure gateway automatically encrypts, protects, and anonymizes network traffic
Users cannot log into SKY ECC over insecure networks
Apps outside of the SKY ECC container have no access to SKY ECC data (and vice versa)
AES 256 encrypts message headers and metadata
Messages and Vault items are encrypted with 521 bit elliptic curve cryptography
Message and Vault employ separate passwords for access and separate brute force protections.
Best Encrypted Phone

SKY ECC operates on a secure global communications network supporting tens of thousands of users in over 150 countries.

Secure communications network

Servers hardened to resist direct and DDoS attacks
Global network of redundant servers for maximum reliability, responsiveness, and stability
SKY ECC servers are located in jurisdictions with stringent privacy and law-enforcement access protections

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